48+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Blogger (To Earn Crazy Money With Blogging)

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Out of all the proof ways that I’ve used over the last 3 years, affiliate selling continues to be my favorite. Thanks for earning passive revenue from my blogs. So I found over 48 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Blogger (To Earn Crazy Money With Blogging).  You can start earning today with any of this affiliate program.

Seriously, peeps, I honestly don’t assume I may have sustained my business if it wasn’t for the little success. That I’ve had with my affiliate selling model over the years.

If you’ve got followed my blogging journey for a few times, you’ll likely remember. That still as promoting affiliate merchandise, I conjointly run and manage a contract net style business. Associate in Nursing eCommerce business, and that I sell digital merchandise (eBooks). That said, affiliate selling generates over half my revenue online.

Should you be doing affiliate selling too to assist boost your diary income? after all, I believe you must.

What do you need to get started with affiliate marketing?

Aside from having lots of valuable and relevant diary content with moderately smart program visibility. The opposite very important ingredient needed to succeed with affiliate selling could be an audience and plenty of diary subscribers and readers that place their trust in you.

If you thought that there was some quite magic formula or secret diary money-making system in situ, then no! There is no such issue and that I don’t suggest you entertain any money-making recommendation or system. That asks you handy over your hard-earned money direct. Most of these square measure either scams or simply stuffed with false promises!

There, I said it, and that I same it as a result of I once was the victim of these scams after I initially launched.

There square measure lots of credible bloggers you’ll follow, and books. That you simply can buy on Amazon for a couple of USD to examine specific techniques ways from real-life marketers.

OK, therefore I will not be telling you ways to try and do affiliate selling during this post. If you would like some smart recommendations in those areas, take care to envision the subsequent free recommendation diary posts.

Finding the most effective affiliate programs.

Finding the proper affiliate programs and networks is often a small amount of tough and long activity. Wherever does one begin even?

Luckily for you, I’ve got you coated with this post. Well, hopefully.

Below could be a list of the 50 best affiliate programs and networks for you to consider signing up to.

And yes, these programs square measure aimed toward bloggers within the blogging. Online business, and selling niche. I exploit several of those myself to earn an Associate in Nursing financial gain from my diary, therefore be happy to envision them out.

What Are The Best Affiliate Programs?

How affiliate marketing works


1# Click Bank

number on affiliate program

ClickBank is one in all the oldest and largest affiliate networks within the business and another platform that I started victimization means back in 2010.

Now, there is an unsightly facet to ClickBank, sadly, which is that the sheer volume of caliber, spammy wanting, digital merchandise riddling the marketplace.

This is to not say ClickBank is dangerous in any means, however, you simply need to be terribly cautious on what you decide to buy, use, and promote on your diary. analysis rigorously initial.

I want to share with you the four merchandise hosted on ClickBank that I promote, again, if you are within the blogging and on-line business niche you would possibly notice success promoting these too –

These square measure simply some, however, I am positive you’ll notice a lot of nice merchandise to push on Clickbank.


2# CJ Affiliate

Number 2 affiliate program

Next on my list is CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), another immense affiliate network with over 900 million monthly customers.

A lot of the large listing firms can have their affiliate programs originated with CJ. The competition, though, maybe robust.

I started victimization CJ back in 2010 myself however really struggled to form traction with the platform initially. Like I aforesaid, the competition may be robust for merchandise you wish to push.

I still use CJ these days, however, my efforts, to be honest, haven’t been nearly as good as I’ve placed into victimization alternative programs.

The minimum payout is $50, however, you’ll increase this limit must you would like within the settings.


3# ShareASale Affiliate

Number 3 affiliate program

ShareASale is one of my high favorite affiliate network programs for bloggers. People used them since 2011 and that the area unit employed by lots of reputable corporations providing high-end merchandise and services with their own commission levels.

The minimum payout at ShareASale is $50, however, you’ll increase this minimum upwards to $1,000.


4# Amazon Associates Program

Number 4 affiliate program

Amazon affiliate associate program was one in all the primary programs I ever signed up to after I started my affiliate selling journey nearly three years past.

As you well apprehend, Amazon may be a pretty massive company and has over one million merchandise to decide on from, and their affiliate program is simple to sign on to and use. You’ll earn up to 10% commission on qualifying referral sales.

Payouts square measure created via check at a minimum of $100 or direct bank transfer at a minimum of $10.

The smartest thanks to boosting your Amazon affiliate revenue as a blogger, in my expertise, is to make some helpful reviews of all the relevant merchandise. You’ve got purchased on Amazon yourself. for instance, I’d typically review business books, software, computing hardware, and any school gear that I actually have purchased to use in my business.

Another good way to extend your revenue earnings with Amazon is to make some niche sites.

Perhaps you like athletics and might produce a distinct segment website all concerning cycle helmets, for instance. As long as you’ll generate traffic to a web site all concerning cycle helmets and therefore. The competition is not too high, you’ll build a profitable niche web site and legitimize it with Amazon. This only 1 example I am supplying you with.


5# Bluehost Affiliate

Number 5 Affiliate Program

Bluehost could be a well-established net hosting company that has been around for an awful while. Love them or hate them, they provide smart worth for cash once it involves launching your 1st journal. Their affiliate program is kind of generous too, and you’ll earn $65 per qualified signup.

Even if you’ll solely manage some sign-ups per month, that’s still a pleasant extra financial gain to own, don’t you think? Bluehost can hold payments for forty-five days before creating a payment, that is one amongst their terms.


6# Thrive Themes Affiliate

Number 6 Affiliate Program

Now, we have a tendency to get to my incomparable favorite affiliate programs for bloggers, offered by none aside from Thrive Themes.

If you utilize any of the Thrive Themes merchandise in your business, then you may understand simply however tremendous their merchandise really area unit.

Their affiliate program is one amongst the most effective within the business, with high conversions and reliable monthly payments. The minimum payout is $20 and you’ll earn five hundredth commission per qualified sale.

Thrive Themes hold payments for 30-days before creating a monthly payment.

To date, people have attained a pleasant $19,275 and more from promoting Thrive Themes.

Here Are Website Affiliate Programs:


7# Weebly Affiliate Program

Number 7 Affiliate Program

Weebly could be a straightforward website builder with a formidable forty million+ users. It’s not the foremost advanced web site builder, however, their drag and drop interface makes it terribly straightforward to create a fast website. They provide a half-hour continual commission for as long because the client is active, and have a generous 120-day cookie window.


8# BigCommerce

Number 8 affiliate program

BigCommerce could be a SaaS e-commerce platform with over sixty,000 merchants. They’re referred to as the e-commerce platform of selection for growing brands attributable to their inbuilt options and advanced practicality.

Their e-commerce affiliate program offers a generous two-hundredth bounty payment on the plan’s value. Which means you’ll earn either $60, $160, $250, or $1,500 per paying client. They need a 90-day cookie and supply banners, text links, and a weekly affiliate write up with content templates and SEO recommendations.

I’m conjointly biased as I accustomed be their Affiliate Manager in 2018 and shrewdness sensible the program is.


9# Shopify

Number 9 affiliate program

Shopify is that the world’s most well-liked e-commerce website builder, speech act four hundred merchants, and a considerable two-hundredth commission on paid stores. With their name recognition comes stable conversion rates. Plus, their web site options useful affiliate FAQs and promotion concepts.


10# 3Dcart

Number 10 affiliate program

3dcart could be an invasive e-commerce platform that hosts its own program and offers a three-hundredth commission for paid conversions. They boast reliable conversion rates and have accommodating Affiliate Managers that lend an assist.


11# Wix

Number 11 affiliate program

Wix is another high-quality web site builder with an insane a hundred million users. They supply their affiliates with $100 per sale and have loads deal of great landing pages to use in multiple languages.


12# Site123

Number 12 affiliate program

Site123 is another celebrated web site builder that enables you to make mobile-friendly websites with tons of templates to settle on from and a straightforward computer program. Their affiliate program provides up to $182 payouts, and you’ll solely withdraw your funds once you receive $300 of commissions.

Here Are VPN Affiliate Programs:


13# IPVanish

Number 13 affiliate program

IPVanish is one in all the simplest VPN services on the market and boasts a number of the simplest payouts within the VPN trade.


14# NordVPN

number 14 affiliate program

1-month package: 100 percent, then thirty-fifth revenant. 3-month package: four-hundredth, then thirty-fifth revenant. One year package: four-hundredth, then half-hour revenant.


15# ExpressVPN

Number 15 affiliate program

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is one in all the foremost standard choices for users trying to shield. Their privacy on-line. they provide high one-time payouts supported the arrange a user signs up for one month is $13, half-dozen months is $22, and twelve months is $36.


16# StrongVPN

Number 16 affiliate program

StrongVPN has been around since 2006 and contains a standard affiliate program. They pay each month and worship to a 200% payout for sales generated.


17# Trezor Wallet

Number 17 affiliate program

Commission: 20% per sale.


18# PureVPN

Number 18 affiliate program

PureVPN has one in all the foremost fun programs, with contests, a gift system, and custom notifications property. You recognize once you’ve created a buying deal. The same as others on this list, they provide 100 percent for month one and 40% for extended plans.

Best Research Affiliate Programs


19# IPVanish

Number 19 affiliate program

IPVanish makes this revenant list additionally since. They’re the simplest VPN service on the market and have a number of the simplest payouts within the VPN trade. They even have an impressive affiliate manager.


20# Thinkific

Number 20 affiliate program

Thinkific is another standard on-line course platform, and that they supply a 20% revenant. I created $956 from one Thinkific sale.


21# Buzzsprout

Number 21 affiliate program

This standard podcast host offers a 20% revenant payout, and that they even give new users with a $20 Amazon gift card to assist increase conversion rates. I support Buzzsprout on my podcast hosting page, and that they have a superb promoting manager that may facilitate with content ideas and promotions.


22# Leadpages

Number 22 affiliate program

Leadpages may be a notable landing page builder that helps users build dedicated web content with forms and calls-to-action. Their affiliate program provides a continuance of 30%.


23# Teachable

Number 23 affiliate program

Teachable is an internet course platform that permits bloggers and web site house owners to create their categories to sell to their students. They provide a 30% continuance payout.


24# GetResponse

Number 24 affiliate program

GetResponse is another email promoting service that gives a 33%revenant commission. They’re another glorious email promoting the affiliate program.


25# Aweber

Number 25 affiliate program

Aweber is an Associate in Nursing email promoting platform that’s nice for businesses and promoting groups attributable to their email templates and style options. They provide a 30% revenant rate.

Here Are Fashion Affiliate Programs:


26# Eddie Bauer

Number 26 affiliate program

Commission: 5%r per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


27# H&M

Number 27 affiliate program

Commission: 7.4% per sale

Cookie Duration:  30 days


28# JNCO Jeans

Number 28 affiliate program

Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


29# Lane Bryant

Number 29 affiliate program

Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 15 days


30# ModCloth

Number 30 affiliate program

Commission: 7% per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days


31# MVMT Watches

Number 31 affiliate program

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 15 days


32# Newchic

Number 32 affiliate program

Commission: 18% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days


33# Nordstrom

Number 33 affiliate program

Commission: 2-20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


34# Stitch Fix

Number 34  affiliate program

Commission: 4% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 day


35# True Religion

Number 35 affiliate program

Commission: 7% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


Here Are Beauty And Makeup Affiliate Programs:


36# Avon

Number 36 affiliate program

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


37# Madison Reed

Number 37 affiliate program

Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


38# BH Cosmetics

Number 38 affiliate program

Commission: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60days


39# Beautytap

Number 39 affiliate program

Commission: 7.5% + bonuses per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


40# Sephora

Number 40 affiliate program

Commission: 5-10%% per sale

Cookie Duration: 24 hours


41# Ulta Beauty

Number 41 affiliate program

Commission: 2-5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Here Are Gaming And Twitch Affiliate Programs:


42# Astro Gaming

Number 42 affiliate program

Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 180 days


43# Twitch

Number 43 affiliate program

Commission: 50% of subscriptions, 5% on game sales


44# Fanatical

Number 44 affiliate program

Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Here Are Fitness Affiliate Programs:


45# BodyBuilding.com

Number 45 affiliate program

Commission: 15% for new customer, 5% for returning customers

Cookie Duration: 9 days


46# TRX Training

Number 46 affiliate program

Commission: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


47# Life Fitness

Number 47 affiliate program

Commission: 8%+ per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


48# Ace Fitness

Number 48 affiliate program

Commission: 8% per sale


49# Bowflex

Number 49 affiliate program

Commission: 7% per sale

Cookie Duration: 3 days


50# Natalie Jill Fitness 

Number 50 affiliate program

Commission: 30% to 50% per sale 

If you want to know or learn about making money online you can check it out my other blog post.

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