How To Create Strong Backlinks For Free In (2021)

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Backlinks are an excellent way to rate the relevance of your website. A backlink – in case you are unfamiliar – are links from an outside website that points to yours. In terms of Google optimization, backlinks are one of the weightier ways in which it ranks your website. While internal links also count – and are often overlooked – backlinks carry more weight. So today you will learn how to create strong backlinks for free.

# No Limits Backlinks On The Internet

In theory, there is an endless supply of backlinks on the internet. In reality, this may indeed seem endless, but in practice, there are only a few of us that really know how to build strong backlinks. Also, for any given key phrase, the competition also can be harder. So it’s difficult to determine exactly what quantity of backlinks a top-notch site requires to rank well. So here are some suggestions as to what you should be doing.

If your website is about apples, and you want to rank for the term “blueberry pickles”, then you should use the anchor text feature to your advantage.

# Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are the highlighted words that can be clicked on. While you’ll often see links such as “click here” or “go here”, anchor text can tell search engines what your website is actually about. So if you’re targeting “blueberry pickles” for your article, then you would want to use the anchor text “blueberry pickles” as your anchor text.

# When Anchor Texts Important

While it’s important to use the keyword you are targeting as your anchor text, it is also important not to use too many keywords in your anchor text. When search engines look for keywords, they often consider the words surrounding it. So if you are using a bunch of keywords as your anchor text, then you are diluting the power of each link.

The same thing happens when you use the same title tag for every single page on your website. If you are using long-tail keywords, then you should use descriptive keywords as your anchor text. So instead, for a page on your website about apples, you could use the following title tag:

Blueberry, Apple, Apples, Yellow Apples

A bad apple can’t make a tree branch, but with a bad anchor text, it can certainly block a search engine from finding your website.

Use descriptive phrases as your anchor text when building links for your website. If you sell apples then use “apples” as your anchor text. If you want to explain the differences between apples then use another descriptive phrase like “Yukon apples”.

# Rank On Search Engine

Building solid, authority links, and a healthy site will result in your site being ranked higher in the search engines. Make sure links pointing to your website are relevant to your website and don’t just use links with your desired anchor text. It’s also a good idea to stay away from link farms and guaranteed SEO services that claim to build thousands of links quickly.

How To Tell If It’s An Authority Site?

If you want to rank for a term, you need to be linked to an authoritative site. So the easiest way to tell if it’s an authority site is to look for the site’s page rank. The higher the page rank of the site you’re linking to, the more authoritative it is, and the better chance you have of your link boosting your SERP.

Another common problem you may have is creating links that contain the keyword you want to rank for. Some SEO companies will create a brief article and then submit it to thousands of different article directories.

While the article is on the directories page, the internal link on the homepage of the article directory will be bolded. When search engines look at this, it tells them that the article that was submitted is in fact an article about the keyword you searched for. This will result in your site being pushed up in the search engine ranking, and eventually pushed your site to the first page.

Applying these simple link building techniques will make it much easier for you to boost the ranking of your website. Link building is a crucial component of search engine optimization, and if you follow these methods, you will be able to get your website ranked much higher in a shorter period of time.

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