Can You Make Money By Selling On Amazon (In 2021)

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When people buy or shop on Amazon. They think that all products they buy come from the main amazon company. Can You Make Money By Selling On Amazon. Yes, there are many many ways to sell on amazon and make more than $1000 a month.  

They don’t know that people are like them selling on amazon what they are buying. You can sell on amazon what other people are selling. 

Even you can make money from amazon without touching any products. You can make money from home. Only you need to have just a laptop or computer. In this article, I will show you how to make passive income selling on amazon.    

“Earn extra cash by partnering with Amazon and leveraging other people’s products.”

You Want to learn how to make money on Amazon in 2021? Keep reading for all the details.

#1 Promote Amazon Products with Affiliate Links

Promote Amazon Products with Affiliate Links

Lots of people have an interest in selling Amazon products, but they don’t want to travel through the effort of sourcing products, storing inventory, or fulfilling orders. If this can be how you’re feeling then Amazon Associates is for you.

With this program, Amazon will provide you with special links. You’ll be able to use it to push items that are sold on their site. You’ll be able to post your links on your blog, social media pages, or anywhere else on the net.

Every time someone clicks on one in every one of your links and buys a product (known as a referral). You’ll make a tiny low commission. The simplest part is, whether or not they buy something completely different than what you were promoting you continue to make money.

This strategy is right for people that have already got a longtime blog or social media following. Or if you’re skilled with SEO you’ll be able to create an internet site around a selected niche. Optimize your pages sure enough keywords, promote relevant items, and include your affiliate links to begin making money.

#2 Sell Merchandise

Sell Merchandise

Have you ever thought of selling your own clothing? Well, the Merch by Amazon program permits you to do exactly that.

How it works is, you create a design for a shirt or sweater so upload it to the positioning. If someone buys your shirt Amazon will print it and send it to the customer. Because the platform works on a print-on-demand system. You don’t just buy or store any inventory. Your shirts are only created when someone orders them.

This is an awesome business for anyone who’s artistic and good at design. But whether or not you’re not you’ll be able to always hire someone to form designs for you (although this can add a further cost).

It’s worth noting that the program is extremely popular. As such, acceptance is by invitation only. You’ll submit an application and so you may need to wait for ages to induce acceptance. So, if you’re in the slightest degree interested submit your application as soon as possible.

#3 Sell Your Own Branded Products on Amazon

Sell Your Own Branded Products on Amazon

If you would like to sell on Amazon and are searching for something. That’s more profitable and scalable than online arbitrage. You may want to contemplate selling your own private label products. These are unique items that have your own branding on them.

The big advantage of selling private label products is that you’re the sole one selling them. This suggests you face less competition and you don’t must fight other sellers for the buy box.

Coming up along with your own unique item might sound difficult, but it’s actually fairly easy. All you have got to try and do is take an existing Amazon product. And alter or improve it in how to form your own.

In order to work out what to sell, follow these steps:

  • Use the AMZScout Product Database to seek out items that meet your criteria. explore for products that have 300 sales per month, are priced between $40 – $70, have but 100 reviews, and weigh but 5 pounds, as these are the standards most successful sellers use.
  • Install the AMZScout Pro Extension and look for the things you found with the merchandise Database. Check their sales history, and merchandise and niche scores, to confirm they’ll be profitable all year long and don’t have an excessive amount of competition.
  • Once you discover something you would like to sell, find a manufacturer who can create an analogous item for you. the most effective place to seek out one is hunt for your product there then start reaching dead set manufacturers.
  • Have the manufacturer send you a sample. If you’re proud of it, place your order.

If you’re selling on Amazon, we recommend using Amazon FBA. With this program, you’ll ship your inventory to Amazon and they’ll store it and fulfill your order for you. Which saves you plenty of your time and resources. So in many ways, it’s lots like dropshipping.

#4 Resell Items You discover on Other Marketplaces

Resell Items you discover on Other Marketplaces

Lots of people think that so as to sell products on Amazon you wish to understand the way to get inventory from wholesalers and makers. This will be a small amount intimidating and prevents some people from ever starting this type of business.

However, you’ll be able to actually resell items from other online marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more. This can be what’s referred to as online arbitrage.

What most people don’t realize is that prices can vary greatly from one marketplace to a different one. You may be able to find a product that’s selling on eBay for half. The worth it’s selling for on Amazon. If this can be the case, you’ll be able to go on eBay so resell it on Amazon for a profit.

Of course, not everything you get will cause you to money. If there’s no demand for what you’re selling then you won’t get many sales. This can be why before you begin an internet arbitrage business you would like to try and do some market research.

Here’s a fast orientate way to do online arbitrage successfully:

  • Have a glance at Amazon and other marketplaces to work out what you would possibly have an interest in selling. specialize in products that are selling for fewer on other marketplaces, as these will allow you to create a profit once you sell them on Amazon.
  • Install the AMZScout Pro Extension. hunt for the products you’re fascinated by on Amazon, and when the search results come up open the Extension.
  • Check the sales history to make sure the things sell consistently all year, then take a look at the merchandise and niche score to form sure there’s enough demand but not an excessive amount of competition. ample 7 or higher means it’s a decent product to sell.
  • Once you discover items that you just want to sell, install AMZScout’s Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping Extension. after you view those products on Amazon you’ll now be ready to see your costs, profit margins, and other data to assist you to work out if they’ll be profitable to sell.

And that’s it really. If you prefer to buy online and are good at tracking down deals. Then this might be the proper business for you.

#5 Deliver Orders Through the Amazon Flex Program

Deliver Orders Through the Amazon Flex Program

The Amazon Flex program is comparable to Uber, except rather than delivering people you deliver packages.

With this program, you utilize your own vehicle to deliver Amazon orders. Simply download the app, sign up, reserve a block of orders, pick them up at the depot, and deliver them to the desired addresses.

While this isn’t exactly a scalable business, it’s a good thanks to making some extra cash. It’s worth noting that the Flex program isn’t currently available everywhere. They’ll even have enough drivers in your area, within which case there won’t be any openings.

Still, if this is often a chance you’re curious about. Then it’s definitely worth downloading the app and checking it out.

#6 Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

Gone are the times after you needed to be accepted by a serious publisher so as to create money selling books. With Amazon, you’ll simply publish your own e-books on their platform and begin earning a pleasant income.

You can prefer to write either fiction or non-fiction. Popular fiction writers generally make more, but it’s harder to plug and sell a fiction book. This is often why many authors specialize in non-fiction. If you target a preferred niche and use. With the correct keywords, you’ll be able to easily start contact in Amazon searches.

The cost to write down a book is pretty minimal, assuming you’re planning on writing it yourself. You’ll get hold of a canopy design, and it’s recommended you hire someone to edit and format your book. But neither of those will set you back an excessive amount, making this a good opportunity for anyone who likes to write.

#7 Complete Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Complete Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk for short) may be a program that permits businesses to rent people for easy virtual tasks.

The idea is that there are many things that humans still do more effectively than computers. This includes data validation, transcription, and research. There’s also the chance to require surveys.

Participating within the program is straightforward. Just sign on, pick the tasks you would like to finish, and submit them for payment. There’s no set schedule, you’ll do these tasks on your own time.

The downside is that these jobs generally pay little or no. Still, if you have got some free time and need to form some money it’s worth an endeavor. The tasks listed here don’t take any special skills so that they are performed by anyone.

#8 Sell Handmade Items On Amazon

Sell Handmade Items

Are you somebody who’s crafty, artistic, and likes to form their own goods? Then you would possibly want to contemplate selling your products on Amazon.

Amazon Handmade sells items made by local artisans. This includes jewelry, mugs, toys, and sweetness items. The likelihood is that, if you’ll be able to make it then you’ll sell it on Amazon.

Of course, the identical rules apply here as they are doing for selling any variety of products. You must confirm there’s actually a requirement for what you’re selling before you set all of your time and energy into making it. This can be why it’s an honest idea to try to do some research before getting started.

Selling handmade stuff is often plenty of labor. But if it’s something you enjoy then this may be a superb opportunity for you.

“Earn extra cash by partnering with Amazon and leveraging other people’s products.”

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