Learn 90% SEO: How To Rank Your First Blog On Google From Scratch

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So you just wrote your first blog post. Well, the bad news is thousands of people around the world will also create content for the web today. So you may wonder how do you rank above them on. Well don’t worry in this article you will learn 90% SEO on how to rank your first blog posts.

Google determines its ranking in three steps:

1. Your website is crawled google will end a bot through your website to see each of the pages and what you wrote about it.

2. Next it’s going to run hundreds of different ranking algorithms on that page over time this may take a period of months. They may see what words you used on the page, what other articles on your website link to, this one, and who links to you.

3. Then it’s actually rank your site on google. This is where it determines who actually gets number one on the search result page. 

But there’s one lesson you need to understand to win with google rather than focusing on how Google measures the quality of a page. Let’s instead focus on creating the kind of quality that will happen to rank well.

In order to understand how to do this, we’re gonna work with a personal example of our friend Anna. Anna is starting a brand new website cookforfolks.com

And she even identified two topics that she wants to write about. The first one is the Best Chocolate Chip Recipe and the Second is Can She Bake Two Pies At The Same Time

Now we’re going to take these two topics through a Test. A two-part test to see if these are actually good topics for her to write. 

So order to start we will use LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 like this!

# Level 1 Search Analysis

The first part of the test is (Is There A Sufficient Search Volume For The Topics) Second part of the test is (Can I Win The Traffic).

 # Is There Sufficient Search Volume?

 # Can I Win The Traffic?


So for the chocolate chip recipe, I think there’s to of search volume for this, and can she actually WIN THE TRAFFIC? It might be tough since there’s so much competition this term. Maybe I would leave this one for a little bit later. 

For the second one Can I bake two pies at the same time? there is some search volume on this and really the only people writing this are in forums. I think this one is the perfect opportunity for a great early win. 


Alright now that we’ve identified the perfect topic let’s move to the next step!

# Level 2 Writing Articles

So now Anna is ready to face this hurdle of actually writing the content. 

The first thing she needs to do is Spend 30 minutes only researching the topic don’t write anything. This we’ve learned after writing thousands of blog posts on many different websites that we’ve owned spending 30 minutes. To just gather your thoughts increase the depth of your own knowledge can help you to make a much more helpful resource for somebody who gets there.

Then she’s going to spend about 15 minutes just writing a quick few sentence answers and adding the subtitles the different aspects to the question. That she wants to take and then she’s going to a little bit of time about 200 words between each of the subtitles. Now she’s writing one giant blog post she’s just filling in little bits which makes it easier to approach. 

 # Spending 30 Minutes Researching.

 # Spend 15 Minutes Writing Your Answer.

 # Add Subheadings.

 # Fill in 200 Words Between Each Subheading.


# Level 3 Answer Targets

The whole purpose is how could we make a blog that’s so helpful that people are like YES, I am so glad that I found this. It’s great that Anna has written her first blog post but it’s really just not good enough.

Now she faces a new hurdle google has made it now where they are showing answer directly on the search engine ranking page. This means all of the organic pages are being pushed down So Anna needs to try and win that answer section right at the very top.

Now you might see various types of answer sections on the google search engine ranking page and you might see it in a list a video, a table, and most commonly a paragraph style answer. Which makes up about 50 percent of the answer target results on the search page.

Now when you’re writing an answer target you want it to be concise you want it to be encyclopedic with not any type of loose writing and you want to make sure that it is standalone and that it contains no form of the answer it depends. 

If you do this you are going to be nearly guaranteed to win that answer target every single time.

Google Has Introduced SNIPPETS!
 # List

 # Video

 # Table

 # Paragraph



# Level 4 Time

But time is the next hurdle that Anna faces. When you create a new post it takes time for google to do the ranking. In fact, it often takes many months when you’re on a brand new website. Learn 90% SEO How To Rank Your First Blog Post.

We usually see the biggest gain in traffic about eight months after that content was created. But it can continue to grow even longer than that so when you first put your blog post out. expect this ?????????? crickets so give your content time and keep writing waiting for it.

 # Expect Nothing

 # The Biggest Gain In Traffic Often Happens 8 Months After The Content   Was Created.



# Level 5 Holistics

The next hurdle that anna faces is that google’s never going to rank a site with just one article it’s great that she’s published that one article but now she needs to begin to publish hundreds of articles depending on how big she wants her site.

Right now with one article, no one going to link to her no one’s going to reach out for collaborations she essentially has no brand recognition at. So all you need to do is work and build up those different areas of your site to establish your brand.  Learn 90% SEO How To Rank Your First Blog Post.

Now You Have 1 Article!
 # Create A Content Plan.

 # Begin To Publish MORE Articles.

 # Build A Brand.



# Level 6 Links

But there’s another hurdle that anna faces right now her site has no links to it now links are we might consider them votes for other people voting for your content. If you link to it you’re probably saying this is another good resource to check out.

Now it used to be that links really drove everything in SEO and just by getting a bunch of links. You could make just about anything rank links are still an important part of SEO but they’re not everything and google has found ways to cut out people who are trying to game the system. 

So how do you get other people to link to your website write stats on your website have tables of data and great quotes? That people can grab just give them good reasons and those links will happen over time?

We had one website that had over 5000 links and we didn’t do one thing to reach out to somebody asking for a link or anything like that. So that is an important part of SEO but remember there are many hundreds of different factors that Google is looking at for how to rank those websites. So instead of focusing on links we’re just gonna keep writing great content.

How Do You Get Other To  Links To Your Website?
 # Each Link is a Vote For The Quality Od Your Content.

 #  Write Stats.

 # Have Tables Of Data.

 # Have Great Quotes People Can Use.



# Level 7 Eat

Now the last hurdle that anna’s facing is eating expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Which is google’s way of identifying content that has been written by an expert so that google can recommend the best content possible. Learn 90% SEO How To Rank Your First Blog Post.

 # Expertise 

 # Authoritativeness

 # Trustworthiness


Now building eat in any industry is important but there are some industries where it is critical such as the medical field or the financial space. There are a lot of things that you can do to build eat in your niche some of those things could include going to conferences doing outreaches for blog posts. You can do collaborations all of these things will help you be a part of the community where you can build your brand and show. The community that you are the go-to source for their answers.

How To Build Eat?
 # Going To Conferences

 # Doing Outreach For Blog Posts

 # Collaborations



And Now You Understand 90% of SEO in Few Minutes.

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