How You Can Start Dropshipping On eBay From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

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Are you looking to get started with eBay dropshipping in 2021? But you don’t know exactly where to get started. 

Well in this article I’m going to show you exactly what to do step by step from scratch. What you need to do and what you need to avoid in order to see success with eBay dropshipping in 2021.

In 2020-2021 dropshipping is one of the most popular, profitable, and easy to get started without spending any cent. 

People are making millions of millions of dollars doing dropshipping. And this is the most powerful business on the earth now.

There are a lot of ways to start dropshipping. But today I will talk about how to start dropshipping on eBay. If you want to start dropshipping on Shopify you can read this article. That I showed you step by step how to start dropshipping on Shopify. Or download Shopify dropshipping Ebook.

Let me tell you something before I start. There nothing is FREE!

You have to pay something before it pays you! Whether it’s money, time, energy, knowledge, etc. 

I tried a lot of things before I started dropshipping but I didn’t succeed. When I started dropshipping it didn’t get me success in a few days. It takes time to get success by making mistakes.

In this article, I will show you How You Can Start Dropshipping On eBay From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]. In a few steps and also I will give you some bonus tips

What Is Dropshipping?

You might already know what dropshipping is. But those of you who don’t know let me tell you. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment business, it doesn’t require buying the products first. Dropshipping products are sent to the buyer directly from the wholesale store.

You don’t have to touch anything. All you have to do is when you get an order just go to the wholesale website. And ship it to your customers at the same address they provide. 

 So let’s get started!

Is Dropshipping Allowed On eBay?

Is Dropshipping Allowed On eBay?

You can see on the first line it says “fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier”, which is allowed on eBay. That means you are allowed to dropship on eBay. Here is the full article about dropshipping on the eBay website. 

How To Create An eBay Seller Account?

In order to do dropship on eBay. First, you have to create a seller account. So you have to go to first. Then go to the bottom and click where it says start selling.

How To Create An eBay Seller Account?

And create an account and provide what they said. This is easy to create an account. But if you still don’t know don’t worry I will give you a video of that. Shows you how to create an eBay account. Click Here to watch the video.

Set Up a Seller Account.

Before you start selling you need to fix your seller profile first like this.

Set Up a Seller Account.

Please add a description and a picture just tell what you are selling. Describe your store, So people will think it is not fake products or fake stores.

Now is the time to move on to the next step.

How To Find Winning Products To Sell On eBay?

Finding the winning product is the most difficult in dropshipping. Because the winning product can make your store thousands of thousand dollars. But if you know how it works this will be easy for you.

Here is the video that shows you how to find the winning product for dropshipping in 7 steps.

After finding a winning product like this now is time to list the product on eBay.

How To List Dropshipping Products On eBay?

First, you need to click on the right top side where it says SELL, or you can click on the bottom where it says start selling. 

How To List Dropshipping Products On eBay?


After clicking there you will be directed to another page. Then on the top search bar search whatever you want to sell. Like for example, I searched for men’s shoes

Now select the product that you want to sell. But if you don’t find the exact product or you don’t want to use this product. Then scroll down to the bottom and click where it says “continue without selecting products”. 

Now is time to describe and list your product. Fill out all of them. This is easy to write. 

Remember One Thing When You Find Winning Products. PLEASE First Check The Product On The Wholesaler Website. To See It’s Available or Not Before You Start Listing!

But if you are struggling or you don’t know what to select or write. Don’t worry I gotcha go to the wholesaler product page like Aliexpress. And scroll down and click the description. You will find everything about that product. 

How To Fill Out eBay Product description

And then write and select Item specifics and Recommended on eBay.

And then write and select Item specifics and Recommended on eBay.

And please explain everything in the description clearly. So buyers will not doubt your product.

One thing to remember is to always put a lower price than others. Like if someone is selling these shoes for $100 you list yours for like $ 90-95. And always try to provide FREE SHIPPING so the buyer will be more interested to buy your product. If they see FREE SHIPPING and LOWER PRICE.


How To Use A Business Tool?

So you guys have a question, what is the business tool? So the business tool is for if you are selling many items. If you’re not selling many items don’t go there stay here.

So if you switch to a business tool. What you will get?

The business tool is best for high-volume sellers.

  • Track item inventory
  • Create multiple variations of listings
  • Analyze data for similar listings
  • Charge your buyer’s sales tax

So if you want to switch to a business tool just click on the right top side. 


How to switch to business tool

Here you will get extra options like you can Stand out with a bold title in search results and subtitle but it will cost an extra $2. But I would say do not use this Stand out with a bold title in search results and subtitle. This is a waste of your money

Stand out with a bold title in search results and subtitle

But the coolest thing is you will get FREE Variations OPTIONS that is so important. But in order to create Variations, you need to change the Format to a fixed price. Don’t worry I will show you how to change it. 

Scroll all the way down and stop where it says selling details. Now click and change it. Auction Style to Fixed Price.

How to change Format to a fixed price


Now you are able to create multiple variations for your item. 

How To Create Variations 

How To Create Variations On eBay

Now click on the create variations and now you can create more size, color, etc. Just click on the +Add button or you can create your own. After creating variations you can click continue you will be directed to the main section. And then everything is the same as what I said before just filling out everything. 

Create your variations ebay

Remember this when you create your eBay account first you can list 5 products for $500. You can’t list more than 5 first you need to request to increase your selling limits. That I will talk about later on. 

After filling out everything NOW is time to publish your product just click list item.

List item on eBay

Congratulations on publishing your first dropshipping product on eBay.

So don’t panic just be patient to get your first order. It will take some time to get your first order. It can take 1,2 days or 2 weeks. If you do everything properly.

How To Fulfil Your First eBay Order?

Congratulations again on getting your first order. Now I will show you how you can fulfill your orders.  

So after getting your first order or second order, you will get a notification on your eBay account and also on your email. 

eBay sale notification email from ebay

Then go to the wholesaler website like Aliexpress and then search for the exact product that you sold. Remember do not to list any products without researching that product. The first search on Aliexpress or any other wholesaler website, if that product is available then list it. 

How to Fulfil Your First eBay Order?

Suppose you sold men shoes like this one. Then click on that product and select everything shoe size, country, color, then Click BUY NOW. 

After clicking on the buy button then provide the address as your buyer provides like this.

Click Add New Address then save continue.

How to add Add New Address

Then choose the payment option. There are four ways you can pay. Choose one of them. 

There are four ways you can pay

Most Important after adding payment option. Don’t forget to add this note on the seller note, or where it says to leave a message.

Note on the seller note

Dropshipping Seller Note

“We are dropshipping! Please do not include any invoices or promo materials in the package.”

 And now is time to place your order click where it says “Place Order”. 

Placing Order On Aliexpress

Now Bonus Part 😃

What is The Best Wholesale Website For eBay Dropshipping?

I would say Aliexpress and DHgate online store. These two are famous and popular on the earth right now for dropshipping. And these two are easy to use, more comparable than others. 

How To Find The Perfect Product And Suppliers For Dropshipping On eBay?

First, go to Aliexpress then search for whatever you want to sell. Suppose I want to sell men’s shoes so I am searching for men’s shoes on the search bar.

Searching On Aliexpress

After that, you will get some results of men’s shoes. So how do you know which shoes sold most? Just click where it says Orders now do you see some results? These shoes were sold most. And also if you want FREE Shipping and Free Returns on you can select them also.

How To Find The Perfect Product And Suppliers For Dropshipping On eBay?

Then choose the product and click it, then check the feedback on that store and reviews So how do you see that?

You will see on the top right side where it says store name and store positive feedback. 

How to check the feedback

Then scroll down and click where it says Customers Reviews. See and read some of them and check what other people said about that product.

How to check Customers Reviews

This is how you find the best selling, perfect product and best Suppliers on Aliexpress for dropshipping.

How To Ship Fast eBay Dropshipping Products?

In order to ship fast, you need to choose the country so how? After searing your product click where it says Ship From then chooses the country. Like the United States. 

How To Ship Fast eBay Dropshipping Products?

Then you will see some options, choose the United States and see Estimated Delivery: 1-5 days. Some of them take like a week and some are 2 weeks.

 the United States and see Estimated Delivery: 1-5 days. Some of them take like a week and some are 2 weeks.

How To Behave With Customers On eBay Dropshipping?

Always write on the description that let me know if you have any questions or concerns. When you get a message or email from a customer. Reply to them as soon as possible so customers will be happier to buy or ask any question.

Or otherwise, you will get negative reviews from customers. And you better know how much it affects negative reviews.

Always start with Hi, Hello Sir/ Madam, or Good morning, good afternoon, like this and always write Thank You! In the end. Do not do any bad behavior to customers even if they curse you.

Always try to answer their questions. 

How To Increase Selling Limits On eBay Dropshipping?

So don’t apply in your first month to increase your selling limits because they will not increase.  Just be patient, get some items sold, get better reviews then apply for it, or they will automatically increase your selling limits. 

If they don’t I will show you how to increase your selling limits. So in order to do that. Search on google eBay live chat or click here. Then you can chat with them or you can email them. So let me show you what to write.

“ Hello, I am looking to increase my selling limits by a couple thousand. I am selling household items and in these households, I am looking to sell around 100 items for 10-15 thousand dollars.”

If they ask you what items you sell do not say you are selling electronics. And yeah I hope you guys are able to increase selling limits. 


Conclusion And Important Please Read This Before You Leave?

Step 1: Check all your listings and please see how many views each product got and save it into a document.

Step 2: Please check if you have any offers!!

Step 3: If you have received orders please go back to Aliexpress and ship the items

Step 4: Remember that offers and orders are different!!

Step 5: Check all your offers, any offers to ask you to text their number is fake lease decline those offers.

Step 6: You have to consider relisting products again if you did not make any sales!!

!!Remember don’t expect to get sales on day 1 or day 2 it takes time to get it going and trust me you guys will get it going!!

Pricing: The prices of the products you list should be cheaper than what other people are listing on eBay. Always search up a product before listing and then list it for a couple dollars cheaper than the other person’s product.

Value: As all of you guys are starting, do not try to find your own unique products, it is always either a hit or a miss. So the goal is to find winning products that people have already tested out. And then you can view their store on eBay or their product and take their ideas and pictures and list it for a dollar cheaper.

This is How You Can Start Dropshipping On eBay 

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