The Secret Reveal SEO Company Vs. SEO Company

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The Difference Between SEO Company and SEO Company Is That SEO Is Not An Advertising Agency!

I was talking with a couple of my friends who have been SEO specialists and they were discussing about the difference between SEO companies and SEO companies.

They’re both doing the same thing, they said, but the difference is that one is not really an advertising company and the other is an advertising company.

That really confused me because I’ve never had a problem with advertising companies and SEO firms being the same thing. Advertising firms are necessary to facilitate the client’s message, and I don’t have a problem with that. But what about the SEO companies? They’re different, right?

They’re not different, but you could consider them separate. Because the primary function of an SEO company is to provide optimization and marketing. And the other SEO function of an advertising company is to make the client’s business stand out.

To make the point, I brought up an example with my friend Joe. Joe was the owner of a successful website promotion company. He had just built an amazing website to showcase his expertise at something he’s really good at.

Then came the phone call from a bigph store owner who needed a website to promote his business. When he spoke to Joe, he described some of the things he was good at and how the website would help him grow his business.

After the call ended, Joe got online and did a search. He couldn’t find the website that he had built. So he asked his friend who had built the website to show him where it was.

That’s when he found out that the website was on the 5th page of Google’s search results. That’s when he knew that the website wouldn’t be found by people looking for business-related information.

That’s when he called me.

“You found this website easy to find because it is on the 1st page of Google, but Joe, why aren’t people finding it?”

“Same problem Joe, the problem is that I’m not ranked in Google’s Top 10 for a search term that I use to optimize my website. You want to see what’s wrong with my website? Just take a look at the bottom of this page. There you will see that I’m ranked in the 9th position.”

“No! That’s not what I wanted at all! I want to be ranked #1 for whatever search terms that I want.”

“Well then, that’s what I thought. But wait while I check out the Top 10 results. What’s my business address?”

He had a business website, but he needed clients to contact him for info. He had put up a payment page on his site. Directories were his best bet for getting clients because unless he could get a link on other websites, he’d have a hard time coming up fast on Google.

Okay, I have to admit, I was kind of expecting this question, but I was hoping that I could clear it up with him.

“So your business is brick and mortar real estate properties? I didn’t know that.”

He repeated the question hoping someone could answer the question.

“It’s online. I didn’t know that.”

Well, yeah, that’s what I thought.

On the phone, Joe said he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

“You have to tell me how to get to the top of the search engines, otherwise I can’t even think of what you’re talking about,” I said.

He was confused. “What do you mean, SERPs?”

” transitive!” he said. “It’s got something to do with Google and search engine optimization. What’s that?”

Well, yeah, kind of. It’s got to do something with search engines and Google. Didn’t I tell you I was smart? It’s interesting how I merchandized this information with him.

I told him to come on down and talk to a consultant. I gave him the contact information and told him to call me when he’s ready to talk.

When he called me, I had found out some things about him. He’s been in business for over 20 years, but Yeah, he had a website that was pretty well optimized.

But it didn’t sell. It was terrible. It was like somebody pouring a big funnel of water into the lake with a snake of a hand delivering it to a willing buyer.

I let him know about the fact that he was going to have to increase his keyword density, that he was going to have to have articles written (about 50 articles Writing Service, writing blogs, etc) and he was going to need to be on top of his competition, all of that.

And he wouldn’t receive 50 articles, it would take him longer than 7 months. The Secret Reveal SEO Company Vs. SEO Company

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