How To Make Legit Money Online For Free [From Anywhere] For Beginners

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At this time nobody wants to leave their house, they want to work online from home and want to make money online fast. Today I’m going to share with you How To Make Legit Money Online For Free [From Anywhere] For Beginners in 2020.  If you haven’t read our article part one, and part two, go and check it out. If You’re looking to get started making money online but you’re not quite sure where to start or what are the best opportunities for you to pursue in 2020 Don’t worry this article for you you will find out the best way to make money online.  


#1. Do Instagram Marketing

In recent years, Instagram has become a true force within the social media world. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become a favorite social media channel for several brands. You can make money online at home.

These brands are now spending a considerable amount of their social media allow gaining more customers and leads from Instagram.

So, this is often the simplest time to take advantage of the growing popularity of Instagram.

If you’re able to put within the time and energy, you’ll definitely grow your Instagram account to A level which will fetch you serious money online.

Suitable For –

People who like to use Instagram and take photos.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to require good quality photographs.

2. Ability to edit photos professionally.

3. Ability to edit high-quality photos or wallpapers using tools like Canva, Befunky, etc.

4. Creativity and imagination.

How To Start –

To get started all you would like is an Instagram account, a pleasant username, attractive profile picture, and impressive bio.

If you’re ready for this stuff, then you’re able to post and start your marketing campaign.

Tips –

1. Select your niche: Before you’ll start marketing on Instagram, you would like to select a distinct segment during which you’re getting to operate. the simplest thanks to finding an appropriate niche for yourselves is to seem at the items which interest you the foremost or the items during which you’re good.

For example, if you’re a fashionista and like to stay updated with the newest fashion trends then you’ll start an Instagram account on which you’ll regularly share fashion trends, styles, tips, and tricks together with your audience.

2. Fill out your bio correctly: Your bio is that the first place where your potential followers get the knowledge about you. So you would like to form sure it’s creating the right first impression on them.

You can add one or two liner descriptions, a link to your website, and emoticons for catching attention.

You can also add a few keywords and a few hashtags to make sure that you’re easily searchable by the proper quite followers.

3. Create posts for your ideal followers: Before you’ll start posting images on your account do some research and determine what people just like the most in your niche? Which images are getting to appeal to them? Which taglines will make the simplest impact on them? then on.

Finding answers to the questions mentioned above will assist you to make targeted posts that will fetch in many true followers to your account.

4. Post regularly: To grow your followers at a faster rate, you want to post several images per day. But confirm you don’t post all of them directly, post them at a special time during a day. Sometimes if you’re too busy to post several images then attempt to post a minimum of one picture a day.

5. Use only high-quality images: Your Instagram account should be a brand. To confirm you’re posting only high-quality images with the simplest effects.

There’s no point in posting low-quality images as all of them decrease your account’s value.

High-quality images build a long-lasting visual impression into the minds of your followers, they also help to catch the eyes of the various casual browsers who will just discover you simply because your high-quality image grabbed their attention, eventually increasing your followers.

6. Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are the foremost dominant feature of Instagram, if used cleverly they’ll help your posts to succeed in many people that could be curious about your profile. Do some research and find the simplest hashtags within your niche and confirm you’re including them in every single post.

Visit the web site for locating the foremost popular tags within your niche.

Also, keep the hashtags relevant, and don’t attempt to slot in too many. Instagram allows you to post 30 hashtags per post.

7. Engage with your followers:  You would like to interact with your followers to create trust, get an insight into their problems, needs, and expectations in order that you’ll use this data to usher in more relevant content for them.

A simple thanks to engaging together with your current followers or potential followers within your niche is by liking their images, providing valuable comments, or maybe following them back.

You can even run daily contests which could seem relevant to your followers.

For example, a reputed watch brand runs a “Pic of the day” of the day contest during which they ask their customers to post images wearing the brand’s watch.

They then select the simplest image out of submitted ones and post it on their Instagram profile.

Followers like such contests because if selected they get the prospect to become popular among the brand’s other followers.

How To Monetize –

Following are the simplest ways to form money on Instagram:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is an honest thanks to starting making money especially when your Instagram account has gathered a couple of thousand followers and is growing fast.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram is sort of different than other traditional channels like blogging and video marketing.

Here you’ll get to post beautiful images of the products you would like to market and drive sales by placing your affiliate URL into your bio or caption.

Following are the links to a couple of reputed companies where you’ll check in as an affiliate and obtain started:

2. Create Sponsored Posts

If you’ve got a high engagement together with your followers, you’ll earn some handsome money by creating sponsored posts for brands.

A sponsored post is nothing but a daily post that contains a high-quality image or a video that highlights a product or a brand.

You get purchased every sponsored post. Payment varies supported your popularity, influence, engagement, follower demographics, and so on.

The aim of any sponsored post is to make awareness of a few products or a brand within your followers.

But while doing so confirm that you simply choose only a product or a brand that’s relevant to your audience and maybe a good fit your own personal image on Instagram.

Following are the names and links companies where you’ll visit and register yourself as an influencer:

1. Tapinfluence

2. Ifluenz

3. Takumi

3. Sell your photos

If you’re taking high-quality photographs and professionally editing for your Instagram posts then why not sell them to form some extra cash?

There are many individuals, bloggers, and businesses who are always trying to find new and artistic photographs. Instagram can assist you to seek out them and sell your snaps.

There’s a really simple way of doing this. Add a watermark to your images and list all the selling and get in touch with details precisely within the caption. people that have an interest in purchasing them will contact you, and you’ll sell your shots to them.

The following are the names of some trusted sites where you’ll put your Instagram photos purchasable.



4. Sell your own products

If you personally create any product otherwise you are a retailer, you would like to leverage the facility of Instagram for getting more sales.

Product promotion works great on Instagram because you’ll post personalized photos of your products which can’t be found anywhere else.

You can use many promotional tactics like creating beautiful infographics, asking existing customers to post pictures of them using your product, or maybe post pictures of the raw materials and actual product creation process.

5. Sell your Instagram account

If you already made it big on Instagram by gathering many followers. You’ve achieved all of your goals or simply you would like to maneuver on from Instagram to doing something else.

If you would like to travel far away from Instagram, you’ll be happy to understand that you simply can sell your Instagram account and earn some hefty amount of cash.

The price of your Instagram account will depend upon the niche, the number of followers, engagement, and so on.

Here’s the list of few legitimate websites where you’ll sell your Instagram account:



Extra Tip –

Above mentioned are the simplest ways to monetize your Instagram account once you get a couple of thousand followers, but I’ll suggest you to not start any promotions until you get 10 thousand followers.

Some of you would possibly think to wait to start out making any money until the account gets 10 thousand followers is basically insane.

But believe us, it’s the proper way. you would like to first build trust and confidence about you into the minds of your followers and you’ll only do this by providing consistent value to them over a period of your time.


#2. Do Voice Acting

What is voice acting?

Voice acting is an art of doing voice-overs or simply providing voices to represent a personality. You can make money online from home with that.

Have you ever imagined, where do cartoon characters get their voices? Well, they’re all provided by voice actors.

Yeah, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goku, and almost everyone has gotten their voices from voice actors.

If you’ve got an excellent voice otherwise you are splendid at mimicry, becoming a voice actor can fetch you tons of cash online.

As a voice actor, you’ll lend your voice to animated movies, presentations, product videos, television programs, cartoons, anime series, video games, commercials, audiobooks, and so on.

Suitable For –

Anyone having a transparent and compelling voice.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to regulate your voice frequency.

2. Ability to exhibit acting skills.

3. Ability to be comfortable with a recorder and have a basic understanding of how the equipment works.

How To Start –

Visit the subsequent websites, create your profile, and dig out the voice jobs for yourself.



Expected Earnings –

Earnings are extremely flexible during this industry. So there’s no exact number I can give here. Earnings also depend upon the quantity of labor involved during a project.

Naturally, big projects will cause you to extra money. you’ll start doing small assignments, within the beginning, once you’ve got the arrogance and knowledge, then you’ll mount to doing medium and bigger projects.


#3. Become Virtual Bookkeeper

Nowadays there’s a good demand for virtual bookkeepers as most of the business owners, small startups, digital marketers, etc. prefer them because of enhanced flexibility. You can make money fast.

If you visit the freelance website such as, you will find a plethora of bookkeeping jobs.

If you love accounting and would like to help businesses to stay organized, you can become a virtual bookkeeper and earn a stable income online.

Do you need to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for becoming a bookkeeper?

No, You don’t have to be a CPA.

Suitable For –

People who love accounting they can make money with that.

Skills Required – 

1. Ability to use a computer proficiently.

2. Ability to communicate effectively using the internet.

How To Get Started –

You can get started by visiting the following URL and signing up for a free training series by Bookkeeper Business Academy.

Inside you’ll learn everything about bookkeeping to finding clients and closing deals.

Expected Earnings – 

On average, a bookkeeper earns around $60 per hour and $40,000 a year. This is a good amount of money especially if you are working from home

You can always increase your hourly rate once you are experienced and have built a reputation, so go ahead and start virtual bookkeeping.


#4. Answer Questions On Quora

Quora is the world’s most famous questions and answer platform, it gets around 300+ million unique visitors each month

It’s so popular nowadays that if anyone wants to ask a question or find an answer to any problem, Quora is the first website where they visit. You can make money online easily using your website.

Quora is a great place to connect with like-minded people, find some really cool advice and help others with your knowledge.

In the following sections, you’ll uncover different strategies you can use to leverage the authority of Quora to make some handsome income online.

Does Quora pay you for answering questions?

No, Quora doesn’t pay you for answering questions. But there are other indirect ways in which Quora can help you a lot in making money online. 

Suitable For –

1. People who love to read and write.

2. People who like to answer questions.

Skills Required –

1. Expertise in any area of interest or domain.

Time Required To Get Started – 

Almost instant, just register on Quora, create your profile, and start answering questions.

Tips – 

1. Start with the mindset of helping others.

Start answering questions on Quora with the aim of genuinely helping others; it will help you to bring out true natural answers. 

Whenever you see a question try to interpret what the asker really needs then ensure that your answer provides it. 

2. Only answer questions regarding your domain of expertise.

This is the prerequisite for writing any good answer on Quora. If you have expertise in your domain, then you can easily provide the best answers based on your education, training, experience, or insights.

3. Write neatly and make it easy to digest.

When you’ll write an answer not only it will be read by the asker but also by thousands of other people who are finding the answer to the same question.

Hence write your answer in standard grammar, use proper punctuation, avoid spelling mistakes, and ensure that it is readable by users with different levels of reading proficiency.

4. Avoid unnecessary long answers.

Keep your answers compact and precise, try to answer any question within 2-3 paragraphs, use professional writer’s rule of including 20-25 words per sentence, and 2-4 sentences per paragraph.

Again these are just guidelines if the question requires a long answer then, by all means, go for it.

5. Provide references.

Try to include images, videos, and links to external references in your answer when necessary. 

Images and videos help to prove your point clearly, and external references help to improve the credibility of your answer.

How To Monetize – 

1. Drive traffic and do affiliate or email marketing.

If you have your blog or niche website, then Quora can help you get massive high quality targeted traffic to your blog. 

To do this find questions in your niche which you can answer, then write high-quality and valuable answers. 

High-quality answers will gain you more upvotes, views, and get you more traffic to your blog.

At the end of your answers add a reference link to the relevant posts on your blog to get traffic, also add the URL of your blog in your profile bio.

You can use affiliate marketing to monetize Quora traffic. Promote niche affiliate products on your blog when someone buys that product from your link you’ll earn money.

You can also build a targeted email list from Quora traffic and then promote affiliate offers via email marketing to generate a recurring income.

2. Sell eBooks/online courses

The traffic you get from Quora is highly targeted, if you can write a niche-specific eBook or create an online course which provides the solution to the problems people face into a niche, then you can earn a handsome amount of money by selling it.

For example, if you are a skincare expert, you can write a helpful eBook explaining various methods to make skin look young and glowing and sell it on your blog.

3. Sell your services

If you offer any services like freelance content writing, web development, SEO, photo editing, etc. Then Quora can help you land in great clients and make some serious money.

We have seen many people who get regularly hired by Quora and are making big money. 

People from various backgrounds read your answers on Quora, if they found your answer really valuable and helpful, they will contact you and hire you for their projects.


#5. Build Chat Bots

What is a talk bot?

In simple terms, a chatbot may be a software that will communicate together with your leads on your behalf but during a human manner, allowing you to interact, qualify and develop an intimate reference to your leads, without lecture them personally.

Chat bots communicate together with your leads using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Like email marketing, they deliver messages, but via messaging apps. Make money online legitimate.

Why are chat bots the longer term of marketing?

Marketing on messaging apps is going to be the longer term as it’s highly efficient.

Businesses who are using messaging apps for marketing have seen over 70% open rates and over 20% link click rates which are significantly above the other online marketing medium.

The following are some statistics that indicate that marketing via messaging apps and chat bots go to be the longer term.

– Nowadays people like to communicate with one another via messaging apps quite email as they’re more convenient to use.

– Facebook Messenger solely has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

– Top 4 messaging apps have more monthly active users than the highest 4 social networks.

How are some early adopters using chat bots to grow their business?

Early adopters of chat bots offer a free lead magnet and ask their visitors to subscribe to Facebook Messenger.

Subscribing on Facebook Messenger is often through with a click and visitors don’t have to enter their email id, it’s easy and reduces friction thus increasing lead generation.

Businesses also use chat bots for retargeting on Facebook, a person who clicks on a messenger ad and doesn’t make a sale will get a message of a 10% discount coupon.

Chat bots also are helping businesses to nurture their leads through a communication sequence leading them to get a product.

You can see how chat bots are helping businesses from increasing lead generation until closing a purchase.

How are you able to make money from this opportunity?

As the industry will move towards marketing on messaging apps chat bots will play an enormous role in communicating with the leads and thus there’ll be an enormous demand for chat bot developers.

Now, you’ll learn to create chat bots and help businesses to create them for a fee. The great news here is that they will be built within hours and you don’t need to do any coding.

Currently chat bot developers are charging anywhere between $500 to $6000 for building one chat bot, over this, they also charge a monthly maintenance fee.

As this chance is new and therefore the trend is simply in it’s beginning phase, I might suggest you get into this and take the advantage of the chance before the market gets saturated and other developers eat the most important pie of the share.

How to get started?

You can start by visiting the subsequent website.

The above website has all the knowledge you’ll need to start and become successful in both businesses.

You’ll find everything from building your bots, acquiring clients, pricing strategy, and so on. Now continue and make gold out of this chance.

#6. Create A Comparison Website

I am sure you must have visited a comparison website at some point in your life. You might have used them while comparing hotels, flights, travel packages, insurance, loans, cars, and so on.

Comparison websites help users to find the right products or services from a group of similar ones, and they earn money via referral affiliate links. Make money online by selling.

Take a look at; it’s one of the world’s largest comparison sites for hotel deals.

Now the idea is to bring this comparison concept to the niche level and create a website comparing similar or related niche products.

To implement this idea you need to find a niche that has hundreds of products with similar or confusing specs. 

Think of Television (TV) niche for example. You’ll find a variety of TVs from multiple companies having similar specs and most of us don’t know what they really mean.

Such situations create massive confusion in the minds of buyers, and they take the help of the internet for getting more clarity. 

You could tap on this opportunity and create a site that compares products spec by spec and explains their meaning, benefits, and value for money.

You can also add other related content such as tips, tutorials, installation instructions, and more which your customers will find helpful.

Once your site is ready, you can drive laser targeted traffic from low competition keywords by doing SEO and generate stable passive income.

How to monetize –

Monetize by referring visitors via affiliate links and earn commissions when they purchase the product.

If you own an e-commerce store, you can refer site users directly to your store and generate sales.


#7. Create A Coupon Website

The concept of a coupon website is similar to an affiliate website, and that is to generate sales for others. Make money online as a teenager.

But these websites leverage a brilliant psychological notion that encourages people to buy, and that is to offer discounts or coupons.

The following statistics show the importance of coupons and discounts on purchase decisions made by internet users of various age groups.

Discount websites make money through affiliate marketing, when a visitor clicks on buttons like “View Deal,” “Get Deal,” “See Deal,” etc. they’re being referred to a merchant site through an affiliate link. 

Websites earn commissions when their referrals buy products.

This system also works in other ways, merchants assign specific coupon codes to a particular coupon website, when a buyer clicks on buttons like “Show Code,” “Show Coupon,” he or she is shown the previously assigned coupon code. 

When the buyer enters that coupon code at checkout, the merchant knows from where the buyer had been referred, and the coupon website is rewarded with a commission.

Some of the top discount/coupon websites such as Groupon, Retailmenot, Techbargains, and more use this model to earn millions of dollars every year.

You can implement the same idea in your niche and make money. 

People are always searching for coupons and discount offers when they’re about to buy something. 

Here’s an example of coupon keywords related to web hosting.

Here’s an example of coupon keywords related to web hosting.


You can dig out such keywords in your niche and rank your website in search engines to generate free traffic and passive income.

You can also promote coupons on social media and try to generate viral traffic as people love to share them with their friends


#8. Write Poetry

If you love to write poetry, then this is the way for you. Sincerely, there aren’t many opportunities to make money online via writing poetry. Make money online as a college student.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn anything. If you’re passionate about writing poems you can use the opportunities you’ll find below and make a handsome living.

The following are the links to websites that pay you for your poetry upon acceptance.

1. The Sun Magazine

Payment : $100 – $250 per poem

2. Poetry Foundation

Payment: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300

3. Rattle

Payment: $50 per poem

4. Boulevard Magazine

Payment: $25 – $250 per poem

5. Three Penny Review

Payment: $200 per poem

6. Alaska Quarterly Review

Payment: $10 – $50 per poem

7. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Payment: $200 per poem

8. Arc Poetry Magazine

Payment: $50 per page

9. Slice Magazine

Payment: $75 per poem

10. VQR Online

Payment: $200 per poem

11. New Myths

Payment: $30 Per Poem

12. Leading Edge Magazine

Payment : $5 – $20 Per Poem

13. Goblin Fruit

Payment: $15 Per Poem


#9. Giveaway Stuff

A giveaway strategy is nothing but choosing what actions you would like visitors to require before they party Giveaway stuff? I’m sure you want to be confused after reading the title of this money-making way.

You might be thinking, how can somebody make money by making a gift of something? But today you’ll learn an excellent marketing strategy that only a few marketers are using to form a lot of money without investing any funds.

Now, let’s dive into the strategy.

This strategy consists of organizing a Giveaway of high valued physical products, software, eBooks, live event passes, online services, and so on.

Then promoting the giveaway to a selected interested audience and asking them to participate within the giveaway by registering via their email id and sharing the giveaway with their friends thus building a niche-specific targeted email list.

Next, choosing random winners from the pool of registered people and giving them the promised products or services free of charge.

Further, monetize the e-mail list by promoting affiliate offers via email marketing.

Giveaway strategy works sort of charm and helps you to create a targeted email list for free of charge or at a coffee advertising cost which you’ll afterward use to market affiliate offers and make money.

Suitable For –

People who like to talk, write, explain, and have the power to influence.

Skills Required –

Ability to write down promotional emails.

How To Start –

Step 1 – Research

Before you’ll start a giveaway campaign, you would like to research and elegantly decide upon what you’re getting to offer in your giveaway.

The following are some tips that will guide you to conduct research and choose the proper product/offer for your giveaway.

1. Determine what are the foremost prominent pain points people have in your niche and the way your giveaway can provide an answer thereto.

Use the subsequent points to dig out pain points in your niche.

– Visit Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. to seek out out which are the foremost asked questions in your niche.

– Visit niche-specific forums and find which are the foremost discussed topics.

– Visit niche-specific blogs to seek out out the foremost popular articles and write the topics on which the article is written.

– Visit social media platforms to seek out influencers in your niche, then study what they share on their pages.

– Visit YouTube and determine which are the foremost viewed videos in your niche and which topics are discussed in them.

– Study comments on blog posts, YouTube videos, and social pages and check out to know what people actually need.

2. Determine where on the web your audience is active and interesting. Is it on social media platforms, forums, YouTube, or blogs? If you recognize this, you’ll know where you ought to promote your giveaways.

3. Understand how your audience wants the answer“, whether or not they need a physical product, software, service, online course, eBook, video, etc. it’ll assist you to pick the proper giveaway which can appeal to your audience.

Step 2 – Get all tools for starting your giveaway campaign

You’ll need two important tools to start out your giveaway campaign, a viral marketing application, and an autoresponder.

If you own a WordPress blog, you’ll install a paid tool called UpViral.

This tool is straightforward to use, and you’ll easily found out your giveaway campaign without much need for technical knowledge.

Once the UpViral tool has been configured you would like to attach them to an autoresponder in order that you’ll store all the signup emails and for email marketing purposes.

Step 3 – Decide your giveaway strategy

Depending on the goals you would like to realize you’ll develop your strategy.

The strategy might be anything just to make sure that it’s consistent with the principles of the platform on which you’re promoting your giveaway.

For example: If you would like to grow your blog’s subscribers you’ll ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog, like your blog’s Facebook page, and tag their three friends.

Step 4 – Promote your giveaway

If you’ve got done the research right, you’ll have an entire idea about where to market your giveaway on the web. counting on your research you’ll plan your promotion strategy.

For example: If your research suggests that Facebook is going to be the proper place for giveaway promotion then there are multiple ways you’ll roll in the hay, I’m mentioning a couple of below.

– you’ll start Facebook ads and drive people to your website.

– you’ll contact influencers and ask them to market your giveaway for a fee.

– you’ll join niche related groups and post about your giveaway.

Step 5 – Monetize

Once you begin promoting your giveaway, people will start participating, and your email list will grow.

Once you’ve got an email list of reasonable size (250 – 500 subscribers), you’ll regularly start promoting relevant affiliate offers and products to your list via email.

People will buy products and offers via your affiliate link thus making you money through affiliate commissions.

Always remember that within the email marketing business the larger the dimensions of your targeted email list the larger your commissions.

Hence always attempt to add new targeted subscribers to your list via running multiple giveaway campaigns.


#10. Become A Captioner

What is Captioning?

In simple terms, captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a video into text.

You must have seen subtitles once you watch movies, television series, and so on, these subtitles are typed by captioners.

Captioning is simple and almost like transcription work. But as a captioner, your job are going to be to observe a video and properly type everything you hear.

You’ll also get to confirm that captions sync up correctly with the audio.

Suitable For –

Almost anyone.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to read, write, and fluently speak the language of your operation alongside English.

2. Ability to concentrate and understand multiple accents in your language of operation.

What You’ll Need –

1. A computer with an honest speed internet connection.

2. A Headset.

How To start –

The best choice to start is to use for the post of a Captioner on

Submit your Rev application here.

Rev pays you $1.25 to $3-7 per video minute. The typical captioner at Rev earns around $900 per month while the highest captioner earns over $1500 per month!

Rev sends payments weekly via PayPal so you don’t get to wait longer for receiving your money. This is an easy way to make money online fast.

If You Haven’t Read Our Article: PART 1, AND PART 2, Go And Check It Out!

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