8 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online With Your Own Blog or Website

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Finally, you created your blog or website. But you don’t know how to make money with your website. Don’t worry there are tons of tons of ways to make money online. In this article, you will learn how to make money with your own blog or website. 

I am making this blog because blogging is becoming popular and people are making thousands of thousands of dollars with their website. But don’t worry if you don’t have a website yet. Here is the link to my article step by step showing how to start a blog

#1. Google Adsense

Make money with Google Adsense

This is the foremost basic income source for many blogs, especially once you first start out. What makes it so attractive is its simplicity. All you wish to try to do is sign on for the program, and Google will provide the ads to your website. If you don’t know how to sign up here is the video you can watch.

They’ll provide you with codes that you’ll paste into your website, and you’ll air your way. They’ll even customize the ads that supported the content of your blog.

Best of all, you’ll be able to add Adsense to your blog at any point. whether or not you’re just getting only some hundred page views per month, Adsense will enable you to earn some dollars.

The catch is you won’t be paid until your Adsense revenue reaches a minimum of $100. But once you get to some thousand page views per month, you’ll be easily topping $100. And, as your blog continues to grow, eventually you’ll reach $100 every day—at least on a median basis.

#2. Sponsored Posts

Make Money With Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts work very like text links – a 3rd party pays you for a piece of writing with a link back to their website. They’ll supply the article further. Other times, they will request you write a commentary associated with their website then include a link back to their site.

You’ll probably get only $100 or $200 early. But as your web traffic grows, you’ll eventually be ready to charge several hundred dollars, and even over $1,000 for one article. This is another way how to make money with your own blog.

My recommendation is that you just also keep sponsored posts very limited on your site. Additionally, the sponsors should represent products and services you suspect in and feel comfortable endorsing.

#3. Text Links

Make money with Text Links

This is another popular income source for blogs. For me, text links were the second source of $100, after Adsense.

A text link may be a link to a different website that you just include in a piece on your blog or website. They’re literally everywhere on the net, and it’s basically how blogs and websites link together.

There are companies, businesses, and websites willing to pay you $100 or more to incorporate a link in a writing on your website. The article is associated with the linking website, which is why they’ll pay you to incorporate it.

It’s not a decent long-term strategy, however. Google isn’t keen on text links, and if you add too many, your site is penalized and lose traffic. Add these only sparingly. If you’re adding multiple text links every month, it’ll just be a matter of your time before your web traffic tanks.

#4. Display Ads

Make Money With Display Ads

If you’ve seen ads on any sites you have already got a basic picture of how this works. you have got a blog or a website, and a 3rd party is willing to pay you for advertising space on your site. it’s going to pay you a flat monthly fee, or some dollars every time someone clicks through from the ad on your site to the sponsor’s website.

It will be seriously lucrative once your site contains a lot of traffic. and maybe better of all, the income is completely passive. Once you place the ad on your site, there’s nothing more you wish to try and do.

#5. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is practically the chalice of blogging. However, it works given that you have got a major amount of traffic to your site. In most cases, you’ll need a minimum of 30,000 to 40,000 page views per month for it to figure. But, as your traffic grows your affiliate marketing revenue can skyrocket.

Affiliate marketing works by writing a product or service review on your website. the corporate behind the merchandise or service has an affiliate program (trust me, there are hundreds, probably thousands of companies that do) under which they’ll pay you on every occasion they create an acquisition from a referral from your website.

It is often some dollars or more per sale, or it will be supported by some form of percentage formula. But, if your blog or website features a lot of traffic, and also the product or service is popular, you’ll be able to start seeing hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue coming to your website monthly.

Affiliate marketing alone can easily get you to $100 per day online. Here are 48+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Blogger (To Earn Crazy Money With Blogging)

#6. Selling Leads

Make Money With Selling Leads

Certain sites can function as lead generators. for instance, several years after I started Good Financial Cents, I launched another site called insurance by Jeff. Since insurance is one of the products I sold in my business, I figured the location would help generate insurance leads.

It did, and lots quite I ever anticipated. I used to be ready to begin selling a number of the ends up in insurance companies for between $35 and $100 per lead. Not only was that an extra revenue source, but it was also completely passive.

Life insurance leads aren’t the only leads companies are willing to buy. Investigate the possibilities and build a website that will generate a steady flow of salable leads, and you’ll be earning up to $100 every day online in no time.

#7. Brand Sponsorships

Make Money With Brand Sponsorships

This is a more advanced strategy because it requires a position, the sort a high traffic website generates. Once you reach that level, you’ll be approached by companies searching for you to participate in an exceeding sponsorship program.

That may start with a sponsored post, or maybe a series of them. you will also have to provide videos, social shares, and other sorts of exposure to market the merchandise. It’s labor-intensive obviously, but it’s the simplest way to earn some megabucks from your site.

#8. Getting New Clients for Your Business

Getting New Clients for Your Business

If your website is intended specifically for your business, this is often the end result you’re going for. Even a blog will be a superb source of the latest clients and customers for your business. It can function as a platform where you demonstrate your expertise, which is able to eventually herald paying clients.

As a financial planner, I started my blog with the most intention of using it as a marketing tool to urge new clients for my practice. It worked better than I expected. because the blog grew, so did my practice. It enabled me to succeed in new clients I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

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