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Abu Saeid Founder Of Online Help Blog

Abu Saeid, Founder Of Online Help Blog

Hey there, Welcome To Online Help Blog. My Name is Abu Saeid. I'm a Professional Blogger, Dropshipper, Affiliate Marketer And An Online Entrepreneur. Here, I Blog About Make Money Online, SEO, Review & Exclusive Blogging And Digital Marketing Tips And Also Big Deal Or Coupon Code Hosting. Which Can Very Helpful In Your Daily Life!

How I started Blog?
I started blogging when I was like 13 years and I didn't have money to buy hosting or domain name. That's why started with blogger.com that you can create free blogging website. But that time I didn't have no idea about blogging I just heard that you could make money with blogging and then I started blogging. You won't believe me I was created like 4 or 5 websites but I didn't get success. I had lots of problem with blogging you guys are now thinking that WOW blogging sooooo easy and easy way to make money online. I am telling you that blogging is not easy that how much you think. You have to put lots of time knowledge money before you get success on blogging.

I recommend you if you're a new and you want to start blogging start with blogger.com. I think most of the people who are now successful on blogging they first started with blogger.com. And this is not a bad website people are making thousands of thousand dollars using blogger.com.

Before I start this website first I started dropshipping business after some successful on dropshipping. I had a some money and I thought why I don't start blogging then after some research I came out this beautiful domain Online Help Blog. And yeah this is how I started blogging but one thing remember never give up. First You have to pay something before it pays you!

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